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Digital Adda Tech company works on Building an advertisement system under its brand 'Tago Media.

In this project, our company is installing its precious advertisement products like Smart Advertisement LED screens outside the lifts & frame posters inside the lifts (in future, we can install our video projection machines also in front of all lifts) or elevators in the buildings (like commercial & residential) all over India.

Our products shall promote small, mid-size and large enterprise products/services or businesses by their advertisement in India which shall be very beneficial for all your community...

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It captures the unreachable audience and broadens the customer base by just using a mere 20-25 seconds of focused attention during the average 4-5 times a person uses the lift in the residential complex.

In addition, we adhere to poster size, which is instantly appealing and is sure to catch the attention of one and all.

We provide the latest information to the society members keeping them abreast with the market.

We act as a one-stop solution by connecting with advertisers, Installing the setup, putting up posters, and removing and updating them from time to time.

Creative approach for brand loyalty and retention.

Attracting a new customer base.

Promoting brand by targeting hard to reach the audience.

The sole provider of elevator advertisement in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, and Noida and the regions of Delhi NCR.


Custom brand solutions reaching decision-makers throughout the workday

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Digital media amenity that redefines the tenant building experience.

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What makes us unique?

The concept behind elevator advertising is what makes us unique.

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